Pharmacy Council of NSW - Call for Public Consultation

On Monday 11th February, pharmacists in NSW would have received a notice from the Pharmacy Council of NSW that they have developed a guidance for premises and equipment for non-sterile complex compounding. The new guidance offers a more specific requirement for pharmacies, who are under-taking complex compounding activities, in regards to the premises specifications and equipment checklist. Guidance from the Pharmacy Board of Australia's Guidelines on compounding of medicines, talks about "appropriate areas" separated from pharmacy's other activities. This can be open to interpretation and also confusion for a lot of pharmacists.

This move by PCNSW is to support NSW pharmacies in improving their pharmacy practices in regards to compounding and should be read in conjunction with the existing regulations and guidelines. On reflection there are quite a few similarities to the guidelines released by the Victorian Pharmacy Authority in 2015 (and further reviewed late last year). The designation of a separate room with specific dimensions and the requirement for a powder containment hood could appear daunting for smaller compounders in the state, but are a move in the right direction towards ensuring safety for pharmacy staff and patients alike.

This is an opportunity for compounders of NSW to have a say in their compounding industry. It is important for compounders to read and understand this guidance and offer their honest feedback to the consultation. Feedback received from the industry will be used by PCNSW to refine this draft prior to publication. Submissions close 12 April, 2019.


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