Introducing Verify Compounding!

Compounding in Australia is a relatively new industry. With about 30 years now under our belts, the world of compounding is rapidly changing with the idea of complex compounding now in play. Gone are the days of creams on a slab or mixing in a mortar and pestle, with methods using automated equipment and advanced computer systems being favoured.

This rapidly changing market means that a higher standard of quality and safety is expected. The Pharmacy Board of Australia addressed the emergence of complex compounding with their 2015 Guidelines for compounding medicines giving pharmacists a starting point for what they needed to do to maintain the expected level of quality, safety and professionalism. But even so, compounding pharmacists are still on the hunt for more. The resources and references available to pharmacists within the Australian market are extremely limited. Continuing professional development opportunities are few and far between, often presented by those with a vested commercial interest.

The founders of Verify Compounding have spent decades within this industry from different perspectives; community pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, regulatory positions, industry & wholesale supply. The need for an independent support and source of knowledge was something that we saw within the industry that we are so passionate about and wanted to help. Starting out as the Australian representative for the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board from USA we are developing our local brand to assist those pharmacists who want to work to a higher level of quality and strive for accreditation. Using our extensive industry connections we want to offer pharmacists and pharmacy owners alike the best range of information possible, both locally and drawing on international expertise.

We are also hoping to create a sense of community within our compounding world; if there is no discussion or unity amongst those of us who compound, then we are at the mercy of those who really don't have the expertise or know how to maintain it. We have set up a section on our website to open the discussion between compounders. You will find the "Forum" page under "Community" in the main menu. There are different categories available for our community to ask questions and share ideas. We would love it if you jump on and say "Hi!"

So get ready for another progression in the Aussie compounding world. Check out our website for more information and get it touch!

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