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ACHC has just began it’s first round of Australian PCAB accreditations with their early adopters’ group. Ben Eshelby from Border Compounding in Albury, NSW has been compounding for 7 years. Ben & his business partner Lee McLoughlan own a specialist compounding only facility which has recently grown from a single lab to a large new facility with a high street location. The team are always looking for the next best thing and how to further improve their business.

Photo credits: Border Compounding Pharmacy (2018), Ana Eshelby (2017)

Last December, Ben & Lee sent their quality assurance representative to the PCAB Workshop down in Melbourne to find out more about the level of quality expected from accredited pharmacies where she learnt not only about the process of accreditation, but it really gave the team perspective about where they stood operationally.

When we spoke to Ben about his decision to go ahead with the PCAB early adopters’ program, this is what he shared;

“In an environment where local regulations and guidelines are being rapidly outgrown by the scope of pharmaceutical compounding practice, we decided to seek practice guidance from an experienced and internationally recognised accreditation company. By having such an external source validate our entire quality management system, we can give our pharmacists, staff, customers and potential investors peace of mind that risk is minimised and controlled and quality is assured.”

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