Who is Verify Compounding?

Verify Compounding is a pharmaceutical compounding support team who specialise in compliance with Australian professional practise standards and United States Pharmacopeial standards. With almost 100 years of experience within the Australian compounding industry we strive to improve the quality and safety of compounded medication through providing pharmacists with an independent source of information and knowledge.

Verify Compounding's compliance consultants not only offer support for compounding pharmacies undergoing PCAB accreditation, but also for compounding pharmacies looking to increase the standard of quality within their practise. 

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Brianna is a compounding pharmacy consultant, who specialises in compounding best-practise compliance with international and Australian standards and process implementation. She graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science majoring in pharmacology. With 15 years’ experience in the compounding pharmacy industry, Brianna has held positions in compounding pharmacies as a dispensary and compounding technician and also behind the scenes in compounding material supply, continuing education & business process analysis. Her experience in implementation of ISO quality management systems and GMP give her the expertise to advise pharmacists who practise complex compounding and guide them through accreditation processes.

Phamaceutical Compounding Consultant



Mike is a third generation pharmacist originating from the country town of Warren in western NSW. He graduated from The University of Sydney Pharmacy School in 1980 he has been involved in many roles covering Locum provision, pharmacy ownership & now consulting. Mike has been involved in set up of compounding pharmacies & understands the complexity faced by pharmacists. Previous and  current roles include  Clinical Pharmacist for Marathon Health , Principal at Central West Consultant Pharmacists, Clinic Pharmacist at 2000 Olympics, Pharmacy Board of Australia  Oral Examiner,  & The University of Sydney Dean's Pharmacy Advisory Board. He is currently a registered pharmacist and a member of AACP .

Director & Pharmacist



Grant is a Sydney based pharmacist with over 30 years experience in pharmacy ownership. He graduated from The University of Sydney Pharmacy School in 1980 and has worked in both community and compounding pharmacy ever since. His pharmacy Carillon Medical Centre Pharmacy was Australia's first PCCA member compounding pharmacy in 1988 catering to the specialist needs of doctors within the medical centre and RPAH in Camperdown. Since the sale of his pharmacy in 2015, Grant continues his interests in compounding locuming at pharmacies around Sydney. 

Director & Pharmacist


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